Sexy Secretary Risks To Be Seen Wanking In The Office


This is what a sexy secretary looks like. Big breasts, long black hair reaching shoulders, and a skirt beneath which sleeps a volcano. Instead of a break for coffee or lunch, this slutty associate decides to release tension. Staying alone in an office, she bends over and starts petting the pussy. Fingering is next. The hottie starts slowly but picks the pace up. Irresistible urge drives this young sweety, and masturbation is the only answer. She goes harder and faster with every passing moment. Beautiful butt, round, smooth, almost polished like ivory would be a temptation for all-male colleagues – from the doorman to the CEO. Being a diligent secretary, this one has all the office accessories within grasp, like a small dildo in a drawer. To hell with it. When the urge is this big, there is no postponing. Lusty brunette moans louder the closer she is when suddenly someone knocks on the door. Swift as a wind, the girl goes back into the regular office role, sitting down, pretending nothing is going on. The boss leaves after a few moments, and this slutty colleague smiles like a naughty devil. Oh yeah, nobody figured out her dirty little secret… again.

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