Inked beauty uses a shower to cum hard


Bath is one of the most common places where girls like to get naughty with themselves. Something about a hot shower paired with absolute privacy and the fact that they are naked makes it so easy for things to go steamy. Tattooed and curvy, this young hottie with purple hair and big, supple, natural breasts stepped in the bathtub and turned the water on. Tender arms began going all over a young and voluptuous womanly figure as she was rubbing and scrubbing herself. Showering was done in a matter of minutes, but the beauty had something else in mind. Just as she dried herself up and tossed the towel away, her shaved pussy started aching, and the showerhead was back in those hands. With a gentle stream massaging a pink cherry, the cutie was now sitting on the edge of the tub, masturbating and moaning in pleasure. Soon, just water wasn’t enough, so the chick had to put those fingers to work as well. Rubbing and spreading her lips, she was quickly reaching her limits. In an explosive finish, those sexy legs closed, and the girl left out a perverted gasp, announcing an intense orgasm. That’s when the shower ended.

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