Exercise For Lesbian Calendar Shooting


Sexy chicas, blonde and brunette, will found themselves in a lesbian calendar shooting. New, non-experienced, and a bit shy, but after few sentences and some persuading, get into action. And what action that will be… After stripping, those show how sexy underwear is hiding beneath the clothes. One wears white panties and a bra, and the other has a purple set. Not to be confused, both are off very soon. Nobody can be in the vicinity of these candies without tearing their underwear apart. With perfect breasts, round juicy nipples, and sexy haircuts, these ladies begin to make out, slowly, almost with reluctance, but just at first. A few kisses and ass grabbing, tits licking, and panty losing turn even a flaccid cock  into a steel bar. The blonde likes missionary pose with rubbing the vagina lips on each other. This is such fun for this long-haired beauty, but the brunette is a pussy-licking fan, so the question is, which one will get off quicker? Which one will lead this sexual contest? Or this is just a pornographic script? Nobody can tell for sure, these sluts enjoy way too much. Maybe the director can tell the difference?

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